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Spectrum Reading-Grade 5 (0-7696-3865-1)

Spectrum Reading Series

Item #:MGH-0-7696-3865-1
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Product Description
Children gain meaningful practice-

With the SPECTRUM READING SERIES students not only get the practice they need in essential reading skills, they also enjoy being able to do it on their own.

Children develop and refine key reading skills.

Comprehension exercises help your child go beyond understanding of facts and details to drawing conclusions, predicting outcomes, identifying cause and effect, and developing other higher level comprehension skills.

Vocabulary development builds on words from the reading selections. In addition to learning synonyms, antonyms, and words with multiple meanings, children develop sight vocabulary and learn to use context as a clue for meaning.

Decoding exercises refine your child's' abilities to "attack" and understand new reading words.

Study skills are developed by helping your child apply his or her reading skills to new tasks, such as using reference materials, reading graphs, and applying other everyday life skills.

Reading selections captivate and motivate.

Children get their best reading practice by actually reading. That's why the selections in the SPECTRUM READING SERIES, in addition to offering practice in skills, also motivate students to read-just for fun.

Spectrum Reading-Grade 5 (0-7696-3865-1)