Classroom Elections Kit

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  • Classroom Elections Kit


Each Classroom Election Kit is shrink-wrapped and ready to ship. The attention-grabbing kit includes a pre-assembled ballot box that neatly stores the colorful Elections! Elections! Elections!, a 48-page reproducible book with lesson plans and classroom activities, 30 "I Voted!" stickers, three "Vote for Me!" buttons, and additional ballot slips. A few of the hands-on activities that are included in the Elections! Elections! Elections! reproducible book your students will love include: • Let's Get Out and Vote! • Build a Voting Booth! • Do the Math! • Take Me to Your Leader! • Vote for Me! • Where are All the Electoral Votes?

Key Features :

i : Simple introduction to bring elections to life in the classroom
ii : Bring the election process alive with the Classroom Elections Kit
iii : The Elections Kit includes the Elections! Elections! Elections! book with lesson plans and classroom activities, 30 colorful "I Voted! " stickers, three "Vote for Me! " buttons, and additional ballots slips
iv : Allows students to participate in mock election
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