Critical Thinking for Math Workbook, Grade 8, Paperback

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Strengthen problem-solving skills for real-world success with Spectrum® Critical Thinking for Math. Packed with activities and problem-solving strategies, Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math for eighth grade covers concepts such as: • integers and exponents • rational and irrational numbers • statistics • linear equations • functions All activities support current state standards. Extend classroom learning to real-world scenarios with Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math. This workbook features problem-solving instructions, math reasoning questions, and word problems to guide children through thinking critically while building and applying skills both in and out of the classroom. The testing sections help your child retain knowledge, and the answer key provides insight into different problem-solving methods. From early learning to middle grades, Spectrum supports the educational journey with comprehensive, standards-based practice. Each grade-specific title enhances and reinforces classroom learning while preparing children for the year ahead, test success, and skill mastery. Whatever your need, Spectrum is with you every step of the way.

Key Features :

i : Strategies and activities to extend mathematical understanding
ii : Rational and irrational numbers
iii : Functions and linear equations
iv : Geometry in the coordinate plane
v : Pythagorean Theorem
vi : Answer key included
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