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Downhill Derby

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It's a Newtonian race to the finish! Flip, turn, and arrange the panels to create an endless variety of raceway twists and turns. Then, place the four marbles in the starting position. Three, two, one, GO!! - With a press of the lever, they're all launched simultaneously, powered solely by the force of gravity and the weight of their own mass. Which one will finish first?? Classic physics becomes a raceway adventure with the riveting game of Downhill Derby! Includes 3-foot track with adjustable height, 6 rearrangeable panels and 8 marbles in 4 colors.

Key Features :

i : Game of racing marbles down a rearrangeable track encourages spatial reasoning, cause-and-effect learning, experimentation, creativity
ii : 3-foot track features 8 panels, 6 middle panels can be flipped, turned, and rearranged to create unique track configurations
iii : Marbles launch simultaneously with the press of a lever
iv : Includes 3-foot track with adjustable height, 6 rearrangeable panels, 8 marbles in 4 colors
v : High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
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