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Feed Fuzzy - Color and Counting Game for Kids - For Ages 3+

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  • Feed Fuzzy - Color and Counting Game for Kids - For Ages 3+
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Roll the jumbo wooden dice and then go hunting for colored acorns that match what you rolled. Now it's time to Feed Fuzzy! His stretchy cheeks sure can hold a lot of acorns! Be first to feed fuzzy all of your acorns and win! Includes Fuzzy, an adorable plush chipmunk which doubles as a carrying case for the game, 30 wooden acorns, two jumbo wooden dice, and rules in English and Spanish.

Key Features :

i : FUZZY IS HUNGRY AND NEEDS YOUR HELP! -- Feed this cute critter 30 colorful acorns in this fast-paced, interactive game for ages 3+.
ii : HOW TO PLAY -- Divide the acorns evenly among players. Roll the color and number dice to show which acorns to put in Fuzzy's mouth. The first person to feed Fuzzy all their acorns wins!
iii : USE YOUR BRAIN POWER! -- Parents love testing their children's color and number skills, plus their coordination. Watch Fuzzy's cheeks puff-up as you fill him with acorns!
iv : FOR 2-4 PLAYERS -- With room for 2-4 players, this party game is perfect for game nights, playdates, sleepovers and more.
v : ADAPTABLE RULES -- For younger players, try placing all the acorns in a pile and only rolling the color die. Kids can win together while feeding Fuzzy one acorn per roll!
vi : CONVENIENT STORAGE -- All the game's components fit inside Fuzzy. Take Feed Fuzzy anywhere you go!
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