Schoolgirl Style™

Industrial Chic Light Bulbs Cut-Outs, Pack of 36

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The Light Bulbs Colorful Cut-Outs® pack includes 36 identical light bulbs that can be used as accents, labels, game pieces, and more. A modern fusion of reclaimed wood and natural elements, the vintage-inspired Industrial Chic collection creates a classroom environment that feels like home. The Schoolgirl Style line of contemporary classroom accessories takes the guesswork out of styling, managing, and perfecting classroom design. Each collection, designed by Melanie Ralbusky, offers a signature look that transforms empty spaces into extraordinary environments for students to enjoy.

Key Features :

i : Industrial Chic Light Bulbs Colorful Cut-Outs will enhance your classroom displays, doors, desks, and cubbies
ii : These identical cut-outs can be used as name tags, labels, game pieces, and more
iii : Trendy light bulb design makes these perfect for decorating walls, bulletin boards, doors, and desks
iv : Great for job assignments, classroom labels, and reward tags
v : Durable and reusable
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