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Magnetic Place Value Disks & Headings: Grades 1-3 - DO-732159

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  • Magnetic Place Value Disks & Headings: Grades 1-3 - DO-732159
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Create colorful place value charts on your whiteboard--or hand your students the disks for hands-on practice on lap boards! Color-coded by place value (thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones). Essential tool for all math series, especially the popular Asian math programs on the market! Lap boards sold separately. Disks measure 1"D. Headings measure 6"W x 2"H.

Key Features :

i : Bright, color-coded magnets help you demonstrate critical place value skills on your whiteboard
ii : Facilitates hands-on practice in the classroom
iii : Essential tool for mat series, including popular Asian programs
iv : Place values are color-coded
v : Reinforce numbers, counting, cardinality, and operations
vi : Includes 140 disks (35 each of 4 places: thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones) plus 4 headings
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