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Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser, Blue Paw, Pack of 6 - ASH10002BN

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Great for use on magnetic whiteboards with dry erase markers! Sticks to any magnetic surface. Each eraser measures approximately 3.75". Match with coordinating decor and your school colors! Great as gifts! Sold as a pack of 6 erasers.

Key Features :

i : Use this eraser as a decorative accessory in the classroom or office
ii : Measure 3.75"
iii : Great for use with dry erase markers on whiteboards
iv : Sticks to any magnetic surface
v : Pack of 6 erasers

The Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser, Blue Paw, Pack of 6 - ASH10002BN is a must-have accessory for anyone who uses a magnetic whiteboard with dry erase markers. This eraser is not only functional but also adds a touch of style to any classroom or office setting.

Measuring approximately 3.75" in size, this eraser is the perfect size for easy handling and effective erasing. Its compact design allows it to be stored conveniently in any drawer or on any magnetic surface. No more wasting time searching for an eraser when you need it!

Designed to stick to any magnetic surface, this eraser is extremely versatile and can be easily kept within reach on your whiteboard or any other magnetic surface. You'll never have to worry about misplacing or losing your eraser again.

The Blue Paw design of these erasers adds a playful and decorative touch to any setting. Whether you want to match your classroom or office decor or show off your school colors, these erasers are the perfect choice. They also make great gifts for teachers, students, or colleagues.

Purchasing this pack of 6 erasers ensures that you will always have an eraser on hand when you need one. Share them with your fellow teachers or keep them all for yourself – the choice is yours. With six erasers in one pack, you'll never run out.

In summary, the Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser, Blue Paw, Pack of 6 - ASH10002BN is a stylish, practical, and versatile accessory for any magnetic whiteboard user. Its compact size, magnetic properties, and decorative design make it the perfect choice for classrooms, offices, or any other setting where whiteboards are used. Invest in this pack of 6 erasers today and never worry about erasing mistakes again!
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