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Our Solar System Mats - Set of 10

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  • Our Solar System Mats - Set of 10
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Whizz around the Solar system (from the safety of your backyard or home) with this set of thick rubber backed non-slip mats. Our Solar System set includes the eight planets, the Moon and the Sun so you can recreate the solar system. The set consists of the Sun and Moon, as well as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune with all planets featured in scaled sizes for realistic learning through play experience. Each piece is conveniently labeled with the name of the sun, moon and planets for added learning. Set out the planets and have the children jump from one to the next as they explore and discuss the mysteries of outer space. Great for fostering your child's love of science and space, use them to encourage outdoor play and practice those gross motor skills too.

Key Features :

i : 15 SPACE-THEMED FLOOR MATS -- This set of floor mats includes high-resolution images of all 8 planets in our solar system, the sun and Earth's moon.
ii : SAFE FOR KIDS -- These sturdy rubber mats are non-slip so they can be safely stood on. The images are printed on polyester and heat pressed to the rubber, making the mats extremely durable.
iii : HIGH QUALITY IMAGES -- With high resolution images permanently adhered to the rubber mats, it's just like you're exploring space! Which planets have rings? Why is Mars the "Red Planet"?
iv : LABELED WITH PLANET NAMES -- Introduce facts about the planets and our solar system with this solar system toy! Children will learn the names of planetary bodies and learn about their characteristics.
v : HELP THEM KEEP THEIR DISTANCE -- Need an imaginative way to keep children socially distanced? Place these floor mats 6 ft apart during story time or group activities.
vi : BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE -- Place these habitat mats in different configurations to help with balance, strength and coordination. Can they jump between the pieces?
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