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Preposition Puzzles, 3 Sets

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  • Preposition Puzzles, 3 Sets
  • ERSJRL245BN_1


A Preposition is a word that combines with a noun to show position, time or direction (such as near and far). Match the words with their corresponding pictures, in this self-correcting puzzle, to create a completed card. Each puzzle contains 48 pieces. Ages 5+. Sold as a pack of 3 identical puzzles.

Key Features :

i : The unique 4 piece jigsaw structure allows the child to divide the puzzle in to 2 separate puzzles. The child can first match the word and the picture from one side of the puzzle to help understand its meaning.
ii : The two sides of the puzzle can join to create a completed 4 piece puzzle to help the child visually identify the words that combine with a noun to show position, time or direction.
iii : Each jigsaw piece is a specific shape and can only be joined in a certain sequence helping the child to self correct their puzzle.
iv : Each puzzle contains a vibrant, engaging picture to help with self correction. As the pieces of the puzzle are joined together correctly it will reveal a completed picture.
v : Includes a set of 36 puzzles.
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