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Remnant Yarn Pack, Assorted Colors, Assorted Sizes, 1 lb. Per Pack, 3 Packs

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Each pack of Remnant Yarn contains a variety of lengths, sizes and colors of yarn. Especially suitable for craft projects where varying colors and lengths of yarn are needed. Colors can range from White to bright, from fluorescent to earthtone. The contents of each reclosable poly-bag is different. Each pack includes 1 lb. of yarn. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 3 lb. of yarn.

Key Features :

i : Especially suitable for craft projects!
ii : Assorted sizes
iii : Assorted colors
iv : White to Bright and Fluorescent to Earthtone
v : Sold as 3 packs for a total of 3 lbs. of yarn
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