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Tabs, 1" Solid, Red, Yellow, Blue, 66 Tabs & Dispenser Per Pack, 4 Packs

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Post-it Tabs in 1" size create necessary order by easily organizing planners and calendars into sections. Solid color bars give you flexibility to organize by color. Tabs are durable, you can write on them, and reposition as needed. They are also great for binders and file folders. Tabs stick securely and remove cleanly. Red, Yellow and Blue. Each pack contains 22 tabs per color (66 tabs total) and 1 on-the-go dispenser. Bundle includes 4 packs.

Key Features :

i : Easily organize notebook pages into sections
ii : Red, Yellow and Blue tabs give you flexibility to organize by color
iii : Durable. Writable. Repositionable.
iv : Sticks securely, removes cleanly
v : Also great for planners, binders, and file folders
vi : Includes 4 packs, each pack includes 66 tabs and dispenser
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