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Zendo Rules Expansion Pack #1

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  • Zendo Rules Expansion Pack #1
  • ERSLLB095_1


Zendo comes with 40 rule cards that generate over 200 unique rules. That’ll keep players guessing for a long while, but when you’re ready for more, here’s a set of 10 secret rule cards: one rated as Easy, four as Medium, and five as Difficult. These cards will generate 52 different rules, but don’t let anyone read these cards until someone is ready to moderate a session. The fun is in figuring it out, so please keep the secret rules secret!

Key Features :

i : An expansion for Zendo--not a standalone game.
ii : When playing Zendo, the most experienced player should take the Moderator role.
iii : Moderators are not trying to trick or fool the players, but rather to create an impartial and enjoyable experience.
iv : This game requires inductive logic, a skill that does not develop until age 11-12 in even the brightest of students.
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