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Learning Advantage™

10-Sided Dice - Set of 12

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Dice can be used to explore problem solving such as number concepts, operations, probability, statistics, pre-algebra and more. Probability and math activities come alive when using these colorful, specially configured, alternative dice. Colors may vary. Each pack includes twelve 10-Sided Polyhedral Units Dice.

Key Features :

i : A MATH LEARNING PAIR O' DICE -- Take a break from the flashcards! Try this set of 12 x 10-sided yellow dice next time you practice early numeric concepts with youngsters.
ii : CREATE YOUR OWN MATH LESSONS -- Organize hands-on probability activities, practice less than, greater than, addition, subtraction and more!
iii : TEACH NATIONAL MATH STANDARDS -- If you teach Common Core Standards for Mathematics, these dice can help children understand some age-appropriate math material such as place value and probability.
iv : PLAY EDUCATIONAL GAMES -- Use these manipulatives for a variety of number games like Going to Boston, Over the Mountain and more! Watch kids build toward future academic achievement with play.
v : USE AT HOME OR IN THE CLASSROOM -- Use these D10 dice during lessons in school or at home during family game night. Roll them out to practice number skills or play Dungeons and Dragons!
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