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100 Task Cards in a Box: Context Clues - SC-716436

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Using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words in texts can be very tricky. Teach students this critical skill with this collection of ready-to-use task cards that feature engaging mini-passages. Key questions give students lots of practice unlocking the meaning of new words by using definition, example, synonym, antonym, inference, and word parts. Includes Comprehension Helper cards that provide kid-friendly definitions, tips, and examples to help them master reading skills. Includes: • 120 cards (8 x 5") • Study storage unit (8.25" x 5.75" x 3.5")

Key Features :

i : Just 10 minutes a day can boost kids' reading comprehension!
ii : Ready-to-go task cards feature high-interest short passages with key questions to identify main points
iii : Bonus comprehension-helper card provide kid-friendly definitions, tips and examples to help students master reading skills
iv : Great for developing reading and writing skills
v : 120 cards (8" x 5") and storage unit
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