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180 Days of High-Frequency Words for First Grade

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Build reading skills and increase the ability to recognize sight words instantly with this invaluable classroom resource. For teachers who do not have time for vocabulary instruction, this series features quick, easy-to-use daily word study activities to include in the language arts block. Based on Fry's 1000 Instant Words, 180 Days of High-Frequency Words introduces three snap words each week in a structure that places the focus on word recognition. A total of 108 high-frequency words is covered. Boost reading, writing, and spelling skills with this workbook that prepares students for college and career.

Key Features :

i : Students will increase their ability to identify high-frequency words in different ways
ii : Activity worksheets include cutting, coloring, tracing, matching, circling, identifying rhymes, drawing, and fill in the blank sentences
iii : Teachers have an opportunity to use activities as a weekly or cumulative assessment
iv : Pages: 216
v : Author: Jodene Smith
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