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180 Days of Problem Solving for First Grade

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Take your students on a year-round problem-solving adventure with thematic units that hone in on the key skills needed to meet today's standards. With the changes in mathematics standards, teachers need a tool to help them implement lessons that provide a deeper understanding of math concepts. 180 Days of Problem Solving gives teachers daily opportunities to go beyond routine word problems to strengthen reasoning skills with practice that shows how these skills apply in real-life situations. Aligned with national standards, this comprehensive workbook prepares students for college and career.

Key Features :

i : Students will use visual representations, and analyze various approaches to solving routine and non-routine problems
ii : Weekly lesson plans equip teachers with a thematic unit that focuses on a standards-aligned skill
iii : Throughout the unit week, easy-to-use lessons outline activities to boost critical thinking skills with multi-step, higher-level problems
iv : Pages: 216
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