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Junior Learning®

6 Vowel Sound Games

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  • 6 Vowel Sound Games
  • 6 Vowel Sound Games


This set of educational games and activities is designed to teach vowel sounds. Topics include: magic e, r-controlled vowels, long vowels, alternative spelling patterns and reading for meaning. This value pack contains 3 board games, 1 matching game, 11 word puzzles, die and counters. Teaching topics include split digraph, r-controlled vowels, reading for meaning, alternative r-controlled patterns, alternative long vowel patterns and long vowels. Each game has self-correcting elements. Contains a game guide with instructions. Perfect for K-2. Ages 5+.

Key Features:

  • Teaching topics include magic e, r-controlled vowels, reading for meaning, alternative r-controlled spellings, alternative long vowel spellings, and long vowels
  • Each game has self-correcting elements
  • Includes game guide with instructions
  • Encourages students to work together to develop their understanding of vowel sounds
  • This value pack contains 2 board games, 2 matching games, 10 word puzzles, 8 sentence puzzles, die and counters
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