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Air Dry Clay, 25 lbs., White

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  • Air Dry Clay, 25 lbs., White
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Crayola Air-Dry Clay is a fine, natural white earth clay that air dries to a hard solid. No kiln or oven necessary! Easy to use with traditional modeling techniques, it's also a snap to clean up. Air-Dry Clay is smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay. Dry pieces can be painted or varnished. 25 lb Value Pack.

Key Features :

i : Fine, natural white earth clay that air dries to a hard solid
ii : No kiln or oven necessary
iii : Dries hard
iv : 25 lb. Value Pack

The Crayola Air-Dry Clay is the perfect companion for all your modeling needs. This fine, natural white earth clay air dries to a hard, solid finish without the need for a kiln or oven. With its convenient air-drying feature, you can create beautiful clay sculptures and crafts without the hassle of using any additional equipment.

One of the key features of this air-dry clay is its ability to dry hard, ensuring your creations retain their shape and durability. Whether you're making figurines, jewelry, or decorative pieces, this clay will provide a sturdy base that will last for years to come.

The 25 lb. value pack is ideal for both classroom use and personal projects. With this generous quantity, you'll have plenty of clay to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, this value pack offers endless possibilities for exploration and experimentation.

What sets this air-dry clay apart is its smooth and fine texture. Unlike traditional clay, this clay is less sticky, allowing for easier manipulation and detailing. It effortlessly molds into the desired shape, giving you full control over your artistic expression. And when you're done, cleaning up is a breeze – no need to worry about messy residue or lengthy cleanup processes.

The versatility of this clay doesn't end with its molding capabilities. Once your creations have dried, they can be painted or varnished to add a personalized touch. Embellish your sculptures with vibrant colors or give them a glossy finish – the choice is yours.

Whether you're a professional artist, a student, or someone looking for a fun craft activity, the Crayola Air-Dry Clay is a must-have. Its fine texture, natural white color, and easy air-drying process make it the perfect material for unleashing your creativity. So, grab this 25 lb. value pack and get ready to mold, create, and bring your ideas to life with ease.
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