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Carson Dellosa Education

Amazing People: Activists and Advocates Activity Book

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In the Amazing People: Activists and Advocates Activity Book, children learn about 53 inspirational people who made important contributions to society while also completing engaging activities about each person. Designed for kids in 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade, the 1st - 3rd grade workbook includes 256 pages that feature biographies for each activist, 64 flash cards (8 sheets), 53 stickers (2 pages), and a motivational poster. The 1st grade workbook also includes 11 blank cards that children can fill out themselves with some of their own favorite amazing people!

Key Features :

i : Teaches about the lives of 53 amazing activists and advocates.
ii : Includes activities that relate back to each activist and advocate.
iii : Includes extension activities that challenge young learners to apply what they learned about the activist or advocate to their own life.
iv : Bonus features include 53 stickers, one poster, and 64 flash cards.
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