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Angle & Circle Maker with Integrated Circle Templates, 360 Degree, 6 Inch/15cm, Assorted Colors, Pack of 5

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The 360° Angle & Circle Maker combines 3 Geometry tools into 1 innovative & exciting product! The 6" diameter outer ring acts as a classic protractor, while the separate inner circle easily rotates to draw circles just like a compass. And the 8 integrated circle templates built into the inner ring for drawing accurate small circles far easier than using a standard compass. Unique product is much easier for young children to manipulate and use than a standard compass, and the integrated design means that they can more easily understand how angles and measurements correspond with each other. The perfect tool for young students working on mastering geometry and angles! Sold as a pack of 5 in assorted colors Blue, Teal or Grey (no color choice).

Key Features :

i : Innovative tool combines a protractor, compass and circle templates all in one!
ii : 6" diameter outer ring works as a classic 360º protractor
iii : Inner spinning ring rotates around a point to draw circles and angles, just like a compass
iv : Integrated circle templates into the center ring make drawing small circles a snap
v : Perfect for geometry class and helping to better understand measuring & angles!
vi : Pack of 5 in assorted colors Blue, Teal or Grey (no color choice).
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