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Animales que resuelven problemas Hardcover - CD-9781731654526

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Why would researchers give a bird a worm to eat but keep it out of reach? That's one of the mysteries you'll solve as you explore amazing animal problem-solving skills. In Amazing Animal Behaviors: Animal Problem-Solving, you'll learn how hyenas work together, octopuses make shields, and monkeys make a tasty snack. Finally, be a scientist as you draw conclusions and make your own scientific study. What amazing problem-solving skills will you observe? Let's discover the incredible ways that animals collaborate, use tools, and solve problems to survive in the wild! This engaging 24-page nonfiction book will help your child improve comprehension and build confidence with guided after-reading questions and a fun extension activity. The nonfiction leveled text features simple, easy-to-read pages with full-color pictures. Reading/teaching tips are also included.

Key Features :

i : Inquiry-based investigation of animal behaviors using real-life examples
ii : Vivid photos
iii : Includes after-reading questions, reading suggestions, and an activity to encourage further learning
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