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Assorted Round Magnets, 30 Per Pack, 6 Packs

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  • Assorted Round Magnets, 30 Per Pack, 6 Packs
  • ERSCHL35930-6_1


These colorful, strong magnets work well on all magnetic surfaces. From filing cabinets, magnetic whiteboards to most metal surfaces. Powerful magnets hold securely. Assorted colors and sizes for extra organization. Each tub includes 12 small, 12 medium and 6 large magnets. Assorted colors include: blue, green, red, white and yellow. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 180 magnets.

Key Features :

i : Strong magnets work great on all metal surfaces
ii : Hold papers securely
iii : Assorted sizes and colors for extra organization
iv : Includes handy storage tub
v : 30 per pack, sold as 6 packs, 180 magnets total
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