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Be Clever Wherever Math Tool Kit Manipulative, Grade 4-5

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Make learning fun—anywhere, anytime—with Carson Dellosa's Be Clever Wherever Math Tool Kit. This portable math kit for grades 4 and 5 is packed with everything you need to support core math skills, including colorful reference charts, a fun facts practice wheel, and essential hands-on manipulatives such as math cubes. The set includes hands-on math manipulatives to reinforce essential math skills in a fun and engaging way, such as multiplication, division, fractions, and more. Packed in a portable storage kit, this Math Tool Kit includes: • 1 EZ-Spin® quick reference (4" diameter, brad included) • 1 reference sticker (5.8" x 3.4") • 6 number cubes (assembled: 1" x 1") • 6 double-sided charts (3.4" x 5.9") Education happens everywhere, and Carson Dellosa strives to provide the tools needed to inspire learning everywhere it happens.

Key Features :

i : Perfectly portable tool kit provides year-round support for core math skills such as strategies, fractions, and more
ii : Perfect for hands-on reference, content review, math learning centers, and at-home learning
iii : Tool kits are perfect for skills practice, reinforcement, reference, and more
iv : Includes everything you need for a successful year in one spot
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