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Behavior Chart, Pack of 12

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When teachers want to help modify classroom behavior, they turn to Hygloss products. The Behavior Chart is an innovative incentive chart helps monitor students behavior. With the awareness of their behavior and the visual experience of seeing behavior identifying stickers on the chart, kids can learn to modify their behaviors in a non-threatening manner. Use with Hygloss Behavior Stickers or other designated color stickers. Chart measures 17" x 22". Stickers sold separately. Each pack includes 4 charts. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 12 charts.

Key Features :

i : 17" x 22"
ii : Made exclusivley for Behavior and is best used with Hygloss Behavior Stickers (sold separately).
iii : The good behavior days get rewarded with a Green Happy Face, the Yellow Caution Face is for days where behavior was questionable and the Red Face Stickers for days where behavior needs improvement.
iv : Chart your students behavior for a whole month and show their parents the progress they’re making.
v : For Ages 3 and up
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