Blank Index Cards, 3" x 5", White, 100 Per Pack, 10 Packs - ESS30EE-10

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Oxford® Blank Index Cards are a versatile study tool for students of all ages. Score points for neatness with our premium weight 3x5 cards with classic blue ruling. Perfect for lists, recipes or notes. Offer a stack to give homeschool and distance learners a break from screen time. Young learners can color-in math facts or illustrate vocabulary or spelling words. Or take index cards outdoors for a fun interactive fresh air break. Recent research suggests taking notes by hand may be better for retention and recall. Start early and help students build good notetaking habits. Index cards are the ultimate life hack for successful study, kindergarten through college! White. Measures 3" x 5". Each pack includes 100 cards. Sold as 10 packs for a total of 1000 cards.

Key Features :

i : Blank 3x5 index cards are the perfect study tool for students of all ages; ideal for flashcards, talking points, exam notes or to do lists
ii : Classic 3x5 cards are a practical size for the whole household; ideal for elementary school flashcards or complex, higher level notes
iii : Premium weight index card paper is durable enough to write on both sides; test yourself with reversible Q & As that build total subject mastery
iv : Make Oxford® index cards part of your strategy for better notetaking; studies suggest longhand notes help you process and recall info better
v : Keep index cards on hand for the home office, homeschool, in-class or distance learning
vi : 100 per pack, sold as 10 packs, 1000 cards total
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