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Build-A-Grid, Student Grid

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  • Build-A-Grid, Student Grid
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Teach a variety of topics including graphing, operations, fractions, and decimals. Include 8 array transparencies and 8 double-sided array cards. Simply lay the transparencies over the cards to build over 35 unique grids. The write-on/wipe-off border allows teachers and students to model their problem-solving techniques. Both versions include a Getting Started Activity Guide.

Key Features :

i : Bring abstract math concepts to life using the versatility of grids
ii : Includes 16 sheets that produce over 50 unique grids
iii : All-in-one, self-storing solution is convenient for teachers and easy to implement
iv : Each Build-A-Grid and it's inserts are built for one student at a time and are great for Montessori teaching methods that focus on hands on learning as well as self checking.
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