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Bulk Crayons, Red, Regular Size, 12 Count

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  • Bulk Crayons, Red, Regular Size, 12 Count
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We all have some colors in the crayon box that are worn down before the rest. That’s where our 12 Count Single Color Crayon Sets come in handy. From coloring books to art projects, based on your theme, you may only want specific colors. You don’t have to worry about running out of the color you need most, when you have 12 Crayons in just that color. Now you can make that choice without buying a regular crayon box you don’t need, and instead buying that color crayon in bulk. Includes 12 crayons of one color per box.

Key Features :

i : Ideal for special projects, or when you run out of your favorite color
ii : Bright vibrant colors
iii : Double wrapped crayon for extra strength
iv : 12 crayons in a single color

The Bulk Crayons, Red, Regular Size, 12 Count is the perfect solution for those who have specific color preferences or need to stock up on their favorite color crayon. Whether it's for special projects or running out of your go-to color, these crayons are designed to meet your needs.

Featuring a vibrant red color, these crayons are ideal for various applications, from coloring books to art projects. With 12 crayons in a single color per box, you won't have to worry about running out of your most-used color. Say goodbye to buying a whole crayon box just for one color and embrace the convenience of buying in bulk.

One of the key features of these crayons is their double-wrapped design. This extra wrapping provides enhanced strength, ensuring that your crayons are durable and long-lasting. No more frustrating moments of broken crayons during your creative endeavors.

The bright and vibrant red color of these crayons adds a lively touch to your creations. Whether you're coloring a picture or adding accents to your artwork, these crayons will deliver rich and vivid results that will make your work stand out.

Not only are these crayons practical, but they also offer great value for money. You no longer have to waste your resources on buying a whole box of crayons when all you need is one color. These 12 count single color crayon sets allow you to get exactly what you want without any unnecessary expense.

In conclusion, the Bulk Crayons, Red, Regular Size, 12 Count is a must-have for those who want to have a steady supply of their favorite color crayon or for special projects that demand a specific color. With their bright and vibrant red hue, double-wrapped durability, and practical single color packaging, these crayons offer both convenience and quality. Get your creative juices flowing with these reliable and vivid crayons.
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