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Bumper Car Math - Multiplication & Division

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  • Bumper Car Math - Multiplication & Division
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Learning and Memorizing Math Facts! Like its little brother Add/Subtract, Bumper Car Math Multiply/Divide helps drill Multiplication facts 9 x 9 and division facts to 81 ÷ 9 while claiming and bumping your opponent's cars off their spots. The object of the game is to capture the cluster of bumper cars and bumper buses, scoring as many points as you can. Players will become fluent with mental computation and have fun doing it! Game may be played using multiplication or division. So easy to play! Includes game board, 25 car tokens, 10 bus tokens, 4 yellow pawns, 4 red pawns, 1 spinner and instructions. For 2-4 players, grades 3-6.

Key Features :

i : Easy to learn format. Game-time adaptable to classroom needs.
ii : Two ways to play: Multiplication and Division.
iii : Promotes social interaction while drilling math facts.
iv : Game-board is colorful bumper car arena.
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