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Cello-Wrap Roll, Orange, 20" x 12-1/2'

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Cellophane Rolls are the perfect craft item to use when looking make elegant, attractive gifts. Wrap baskets, candy platters, or even small treats with cellophane, and just tie with a bow. Cellophane rolls can add a unique element to all your home and classroom applications. From bulletin board displays to riveting experiments and project, cellophane rolls can bring a fresh look to an old idea. Introduce various levels of light absorption, by shining a light through different colors of cellophane and observing how the light comes out differently with each color. Cello Wrap Rolls are great for teaching the concept of color mixing; simply put one transparent color on top of another to discover what color they make when combined. Each roll measures 20" x 12.5'.

Key Features :

i : Stick shapes of cellophane onto contact paper, leaving a little space in between each shape to stick to the window
ii : When you've placed all your shapes, stick the contact paper to the windowpane and let the sunlight shine through, creating a stunning light show that you and your kids are sure to enjoy
iii : Cellophane rolls candles are wonderful projects to make for the holidays
iv : You will be able to manipulate this gift wrap very easily. You can fold, cut, scrunch or twist it effortlessly. You’ll be amazed how soft it is too!
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