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Kimbo Educational

Circle Time Activities CD

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Seventeen original and popular children's songs teach a variety of concepts in a fun way that will promote learning. Keep this musical resource handy for circle and transition times. A comprehensive guide includes lyrics, activities and book connections Circle time is a great opportunity to sing learning songs.

Songs include:
1. Circle Time (Cooperation & Community)
2. Heigh Ho (Manners)
3. There Are Seven Days In The Week (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)
4. My Five Senses (Science)
5. Make A Pizza (Food, Nutrition, Math)
6. Manners (Getting Along With Others)
7. Shoo Fly (Body Parts)
8. Basketball Dance (Numbers)
9. Basketball Dance (Instr.)
10. Colors of Africa (Colors)
11. Colors (Instr.)
12. Alphabet Game (Letter Recognition)
13. Reader's Hokey Pokey (Print Awareness)
14. Happy (Feelings, Emotions)
15. Shoes (Choosing Appropriately)
16. The Tree (Season)
17. Who Remembers What We Did Today? (Memory/Reflecting)

Key Features:

  • Use this recording for home, school and library story hours
  • This collection of activities for everyday is an exciting and educational must have
  • You'll love these 17 songs and creative activities that are great for circle times, transition times, and seize-the-moment learning times
  • Includes CD & Guide
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