Circuit Blox Single Student Set, Lights 'N Motion Geared Motor

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  • Circuit Blox Single Student Set, Lights 'N Motion Geared Motor
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This set is ideal for in-class, home schooling or teaching through e-learning of STEM. The colorful building blocks contain electronic components such as a battery module, a geared motor module, a gear module and LED modules. Includes online animated curriculum only available with E-Blox Student Sets. Lessons cover Building Fundamentals, Electricity & Circuits, Motors, Gears & Light.

Key Features :

i : Contains 25 parts including 4 colorful LED moudles and 16 flashing & color changing LED modules.
ii : Build whatever creative structures come to your imagination...the possibilities are limitless!
iii : Directly compatible with other brick building construction sets
iv : Requires 3 "AA" battaries
v : Ages 5 and up
vi : Learn about voltage, current and how circuits with motors, gears and LEDs work.
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