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Classroom Attractions Kit, Level 2 - DO-731302

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  • Classroom Attractions Kit, Level 2 - DO-731302
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Supplement your science curriculum with comprehensive magnet kits aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards! Investigate motion and stability, matter and its interactions and more. This kit is designed for groups of 5-10 students. Ages 6-9/Grades 1-3. Contents: Alnico Bar Magnet (2"), 5 Ceramic Horseshoe Magnets (1"), 5 Plastic-encased North/South Bar Magnets, 5 Plastic-encased Button Magnets, 5 Plastic-encased Block Magnets, 15 Ceramic Ring Magnets, 5 Sets of Polished Steel Shapes, 5 Magnet Wands, 5 Compasses, 5 Pencils, Teachers Guide.

Key Features :

i : This classroom kit contains: 5 block magnets, 5 ceramic horseshoe magnets, 5 compasses, 5 disc magnets, 5 pencils, 5 Magnet Wands, 5 North/South bar magnets, 5 sets polished steel shapes, 15 ring magnets, demo bar magnet, and a teacher activity guide
ii : Great addition to science curriculum
iii : Allows for the exploration of motion and stability in regards to magnets
iv : Ideal for group use in the classroom
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