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Classroom Light Filters, 2' x 2', Whisper White, Set of 4 - EI-1237

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  • Classroom Light Filters, 2' x 2', Whisper White, Set of 4 - EI-1237
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Create a calming and pleasant atmosphere with filters designed to reduce the flicker and glare of fluorescent and LED lights! Heat-resistant fabric filters measure 2' x 2'—a perfect fit for many offices and classrooms—and attach easily to standard ceiling figures with six sturdy, built-in magnets.

Key Features :

i : CREATE A CALM AND PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT: Create a calm and soothing environment by decreasing glare and flickering from overhead fluorescent and LED lights
ii : REDUCE HARSH GLARE THAT CAUSES HEADACHES: Harsh glare and flickering lights can cause eyestrain, headaches, even anxiety
iii : EASY INSTALLATION: 4 panels fit over standard ceiling fluorescent and LED light fixtures with sturdy, sewn-in magnets, creating a soothing work environment
iv : HEAT-RESISTANT AND CERTIFIED SAFE: Includes four 2' x 2' heat-resistant Light Filter panels and Certificate of Conformance for flame retardancy
v : FOR OFFICE, HOSPITALS, SCHOOL OR HOME USE: Perfect for any space with ceiling lights & fluorescent or LED lighting like the office, hospitals, classroom, clinics, and studios. Great for home décor in the playroom or nursery
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