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Crayons, Regular Size, 120 Per Box, 2 Boxes

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Generations of kids have used Crayola crayons to learn to color, spell and draw. They're the perfect size and glide smoothly over paper, making art time a joy. They're non-toxic and double-wrapped for durability. With a huge selection of primary, secondary and even metallic colors to choose from, kids will have a blast bringing their imaginary scenes to life. Decorate your walls and the refrigerator door with their vibrant creations. Each box includes 120 Crayola wax crayons in various colors. Sold as 2 boxes for a total of 240 crayons.

Key Features:

  • Classic Crayola crayons that kids have been using for generations
  • The classic crayons that kids love to use
  • Soft texture that glides smoothly on paper in vibrant colors
  • Double wrapped for extra durability. Non-toxic.
  • Sold as 2 boxes for a total of 240 crayons.
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