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CVC Puzzles

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This CVC self-correcting puzzle set is ideal for teaching children consonant vowel consonant patterns and building words. Children can piece together consonant, vowel and consonant pieces to create a completed word with a matching picture. Contains 36 pieces. Ages 4+

Key Features :

i : Each CVC puzzle is divided in to three jigsaw pieces to mimic the structure of Consonant Vowel Consonant words. As they build the puzzle they build a word.
ii : The consonant letters are color coded in blue and the vowel letters are color coded in red. This helps to visually distinguish between whether a letter is a consonant or a vowel and where each letter belongs in the word.
iii : Each jigsaw piece is a specific shape and can only be joined in a certain sequence helping the child to self correct their puzzle.
iv : Each puzzle contains a vibrant, engaging picture to help with self correction and understanding the structure of the word. When the pieces of the puzzle are joined correctly it will reveal a completed picture.
v : Includes a set of 12 puzzles.
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