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Daily Word Ladders: Idioms, Grades 4-6 - SC-863025

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A new addition to the best-selling Daily Word Ladder series, DWL: Idioms will help your readers build confidence: These word-study puzzles help students grasp common idioms, giving them more tools to tackle vocabulary challenges in grade-level texts! A favorite format for group or independent work, these motivating word-building games specifically increase students' awareness of sound-symbol relationships, broaden their vocabulary, and improve spelling skills.

Key Features :

i : Features 90 ready-to-go word-building games in a favorite format.
ii : Includes tips and strategies to hone word-study skills as students work their way up the ladders
iii : Supports independent and group work
iv : Targets idiomatic expressions, a key vocabulary challenge for all readers—EL and struggling readers in particular.
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