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Learning Advantage™

Dry Erase Magnetic Protractor

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In addition to accurate measurements and precise construction, this tool is magnetic securing to metal surfaces. Perfect for drawing angles and shapes for demonstration. Constructed of quality plastic, these instruments are durable and affordable. For teacher use only.

Key Features :

i : DESIGNED FOR THE CLASSROOM -- This large magnetic protractor is perfect for demonstration on a whiteboard. It's marked up to 30cm and 10 inches.
ii : TEACH STEM -- This jumbo tool ensures easy demonstration of math, engineering and geometry concepts. Use it to teach measurements, angles and shapes.
iii : PRECISE DRAWING TOOL -- Protractors are perfect for art, which requires exact shapes. This handy, magnetic geometry tool is perfect for creative classrooms.
iv : COMPLETE YOUR GEOMETRY TOOLBOX -- Pair this protractor with other Learning Advantage Dry Erase Measurement Tools: Straight Edge (sold separately) and Triangles (sold separately).
v : BUILT TO LAST -- The protractor is made from durable plastic which allows it to handle numerous drops and years of use in the class setting.
vi : EASY TO CONTROL -- Grasp this oversized tool with ease! The included magnets ensure stability while drawing, and the ergonomic handle ensures greater control during use.
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