Charles Leonard

Duck Quills Feathers, 14 Grams

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  • Duck Quills Feathers, 14 Grams
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Charles Leonard Creative Arts Duck quill feathers in bright non-toxic colors create an exciting assortment. Feathers improve creativity in children. Feathers are perfect for soft jewelry, costumes and all kinds of craft projects. Create your own attractive projects with these bright and non-toxic feathers. Duck quills feathers is perfect for any craft project. Assorted colors. Measures 3" - 5". Each bag includes 14 grams (1/2 oz.), sold by weight.

Key Features :

i : Bring excitement to all of your arts and craft projects with our feathers
ii : Vibrant colored quills
iii : Assortment of select 3"- 5" feathers
iv : Exciting color assortments for all of your needs
v : Non-toxic colors
vi : 14 grams per bag
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