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Edu-Clings Silicone Set: Vowels

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The Edu-Clings Silicone Set: Vowels manipulative is perfect for hands-on phonics activities such as swapping out medial sounds in CVC words or making vowel digraphs to complete words. This easy-to-clean, 30-piece resource provides a revolutionary hands-on learning experience for both at home or in the classroom. Each manipulative measures 3.54 inches in diameter—the perfect size for white boards, larger manipulatives, individual center activities, and more. Edu-Clings are the perfect hands-on learning manipulatives. They encourage discovery and deeper understanding at home and in the classroom. The innovative silicone material is easy to clean, quiet, durable, and clings to all nonporous surfaces without leaving any residue. It's dishwasher safe so you can sanitize regularly and easily. You can even write on it with dry-erase markers! Warm water and a touch of dish soap will always make it cling like new. From individual center activities to larger manipulatives that are perfect for whiteboards, Edu-Clings will revolutionize hands-on learning at home and in the classroom.

Key Features :

i : The silicone material is durable, silent, and easy to clean—they can even be put in the dishwasher
ii : The pieces cling to all non-porous surfaces without leaving any residue
iii : Edu-Clings will never lose their ability to stick—water and dish soap will make them cling like new
iv : Silicone sets are perfect for whole-group practice, whiteboards, classroom management, and more
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