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Encouraging Physical Activity in Infants - GR-10057

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Babies are naturally active, and their movements help them explore their environment. They first move involuntarily, based on reflexes, and then learn to move more independently as their bodies grow stronger and they begin to investigate the world around them. You can encourage their muscle development, strength and balance with simple activities done with infants as young as six weeks old. From tummy time to crawling, scooting and standing, your active involvement will benefit infants in the following ways: • Maintaining a healthy weight • Developing good posture, strength, balance, and tracking skills • Keeping their bodies active and learning about their new environment • Developing their senses of hearing, sight, and touch The first year of life lays the foundation for further development of gross motor skills as a toddler and preschooler. So get those little bodies moving!

Key Features :

i : Help infants develop their physical skills
ii : Great way to help infants reach their physical milestones
iii : Guide for both parents and child care professionals
iv : 96 pages
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