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Everyday Mathematics Intervention Activities, Grade 3

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Instant 5-day units reinforce NCTM core curriculum and state Math standards. Each grade-specific volume offers quick and easy mini-lessons, 100+ fun and engaging practice activities, end-of-unit assessments, plus BONUS pre- and post- assessments online. Correlates to Common Core Standards! Ideal for Response to Intervention (RTI). Intended for the students who need just a little more practice, these books provide five-day units based on state standards. Begin the book by having the child complete the pre-assessment, which is found online at the publisher's website ( The pre-assessment will help you determine any weaknesses or gaps your student may have. Each unit follows three steps: Model the skill, Practice the skill, Assess the Skill. An overview is offered at the beginning of each unit, which gives directions and sample answers for activities. Modeling the skill is done on day one of the unit by doing some type of hands-on activity. The modeling instructions are scripted for those who need a little more help with teaching and/or explaining the concept, and a worksheet is then completed to show understanding of the concept. Reproducible activity pages are included for practice on days two, three and four to strengthen the students' proficiency. Students then do an assessment on day five to show understanding for that particular concept. At the conclusion of the book, your student can complete the online post-assessment to measure improvement. Each level has 22-26 units (or weeks) of work. Use these alongside your curriculum or at the end of the year to make sure all of your bases are covered. Each daily activity and assessment is one page in length, so it doesn't take a lot of time to implement. Pages include a variety of problems and aren't cluttered or overwhelming - a feature that will appeal to your visual learners.

Key Features :

i : Instant strategy-specific 5-day units
ii : Meets Common Core State Standards
iii : Easy-to-use assessments
iv : Fast and fun mini-lessons
v : Grade 3
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