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Wild Environmental Science

Extreme Aquatic Predators of the World - Ages 6+ - Create and Customize Models and Dioramas - Study Extreme Ocean Animals

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Extreme Aquatic Predators of the World is a hands-on, collectible animal kit, which combines science and crafts. Children will use this kit to make a life-sized cone shell and blue-ringed octopus. They will also assemble a detailed wooden 3D model of a piranha. A reef diorama is included for children to build and decorate with their predator artifacts. The kit also includes a predator poster and all materials required for the craft activities. Teach children about aquatic predators, their ancestors and how they adapt to their environment. They will study 10 of the world's most extreme aquatic predators. Using the full-color education and instruction book, children will gain an understanding of STEM concepts while creating their own predator-related products to be proud of. For ages 6+. || Size of poster: 16.5"L x 11.7"W. || Size of plaster octopus mold: 3.6"L x 3.2"W.

Key Features :

i : DIVE INTO EXTREME SCIENCE -- Learn about 10 of the world's most extreme aquatic predators. Build a 3D model of a piranha. Make a life-sized cone shell, blue-ringed octopus and more!
ii : LEARN THROUGH STEM -- Study current and prehistoric predators and how they adapted to their environments. Kids will use STEM concepts to create predator-related products to admire.
iii : EXTREME VALUE -- This kit includes a reef diorama, predator poster and all the materials required for the craft activities. Decorate your space and show off your knowledge with predator-related artifacts!
iv : KID-FRIENDLY, FULL-COLOR INSTRUCTION GUIDE -- Science should be fun and easy to understand. That's why each step in the activities comes with an illustration to show exactly what needs to be done!
v : FOR AGES 6+ -- The reading in the booklet is ideal for children aged 10+, but those aged 6+ can follow and complete the activities with adult supervision.
vi : PERFECT FOR DISPLAY -- This kit is perfect for science fairs, show and tell sessions, nature tables and more.
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