EZ Squeeze 1-Hole Punch, Gray

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  • EZ Squeeze 1-Hole Punch, Gray
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Ever try punching a single hole with a three-hole punch? Yeah, it’s not that fun. Use the tool made for the job – this one-hole punch that is jam-free! Requiring 50% less effort and slicing through up to 10 sheets of paper, this handheld hole punch is truly handy. The lightweight design and rubber grip provide comfort while the chip compartment empties through the bottom for minimal mess. The handle locks and makes this one-hole punch even tinier for storage and use while on the move.

Key Features :

i : EZ Squeeze™ technology for 50% easier hole punching of up to 10 sheets
ii : No-Jam™ technology for smooth punching
iii : Locking handle for compact storage in tight spaces
iv : Easy-to-clean chip compartment maintains a clean work environment
v : Lightweight build for easy frequent handling
vi : Soft, rubber grip for comfort during use
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