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Fine Line Markers, Classic Colors, Pack of 10

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  • Fine Line Markers, Classic Colors, Pack of 10
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Kids can color in the little details with this this 10 Count Crayola Fine Line Marker Set. The Non-Toxic Markers in Classic Colors are safe for children and perfect for school supplies and at-home art supplies. When imagination and precise, bold color come together, little artists will bring all kinds of art projects to life! This assortment of markers features 10 classic Crayola colors with high-quality, true-to-color ink. Add bold, vibrant color to artwork, school assignments, and other creative projects. The variety of bright, classic colors in this pack invites imaginative expression. With a slender tip, each Fine Line Marker is a precise drawing tool. Ideal for coloring in small areas, these markers are also great for writing or drawing thin lines or dots. These markers lay down plenty of vibrant color and won't smudge or bleed through paper. Each pack includes 10 markers.

Key Features :

i : These sleek and stylish marker barrels house colorful ink that work on a variety of surfaces, including posters, coloring pages, brown paper lunch bags, foam core and more
ii : Long lasting markers that come in a variety of colors
iii : Pack of 10
iv : Safe and non-toxic

Kids can now bring their artwork to life with the Fine Line Markers, Classic Colors, Pack of 10. These non-toxic markers are the perfect addition to any child's school supplies or at-home art collection. With a variety of classic Crayola colors, little artists can let their imagination run wild and create vibrant and bold masterpieces.

What sets these markers apart is their high-quality, true-to-color ink. Each marker provides bold and precise lines, allowing kids to color in even the smallest of details. Whether it's filling in small areas, writing, or drawing thin lines or dots, these markers are the perfect tool. They are designed to lay down plenty of vibrant color without smudging or bleeding through paper, ensuring that every artwork remains pristine.

Not only do these markers offer superior performance, but they also come with a sleek and stylish design. The marker barrels are not only visually appealing but also practical, as they provide a comfortable grip for little hands. The markers work on a variety of surfaces, including posters, coloring pages, brown paper lunch bags, foam core, and more, making them versatile for any creative project.

Safety is always a priority when it comes to children's art supplies, and these markers are no exception. They are safe and non-toxic, giving parents peace of mind while their little ones unleash their creativity. The pack includes 10 markers, providing a variety of colors to choose from and allowing kids to explore their artistic abilities to the fullest.

Whether it's for school assignments, artwork, or other creative projects, these Fine Line Markers will inspire and delight children of all ages. Let your child's imagination soar as they bring their ideas to life with these classic, vibrant, and long-lasting markers. Add the Fine Line Markers, Classic Colors, Pack of 10 to your child's art supplies today and watch their creativity flourish.
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