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Four-Color Spinners - Set of 5

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One of the most flexible manipulatives for creating random events for math games and activities such as probability experiments. 4" square plastic with a free-spinning, metal, arrow spinner. Sold in sets of 5.

Key Features :

i : A HANDY RESOURCE -- Replace lost or broken board game spinners with these practical tools. Or, incorporate Four Color Spinners into home, school or daycare lessons.
ii : MANY APPLICATIONS -- Use Four Color Spinners to create your own games or make decisions. These write on/wipe off spinners are an easy way to assign chores, choose a dinner location or pick the next player.
iii : FOUR BRIGHT COLORS -- Use the colored sections to help kids visualize probability and random events. For younger kids, use the spinners to create engaging color, letter or number games!
iv : A SIZE FOR ANY SETUP -- At 4.5", Four Color Spinners fit perfectly on tables and desks for any game environment. A great size for circle time, group games or individual use.
v : BUILT TO LAST -- Four Color Spinners are made of durable plastic meant to withstand hours of game time.
vi : SET OF 5 -- Each order includes a pack of 5 spinners for plenty of group gameplay!
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