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GeoSafari Stereoscope

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  • GeoSafari Stereoscope
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Get up close and personal with a variety of 3-D objects with the GeoSafari Stereoscope, a fully functional microscope with up to 20x magnification! The Stereoscope features 10x and 20x magnification  eyepieces, an easy-focus knob, and a sturdy viewing stage with a top-mounted LED light for a magnificent, magnified view of opaque objects like fossils, rocks, insects, and more!

Key Features :

i : A REAL, WORKING KIDS STEREOSCOPE: Bring everyday objects into magnificent, magnified focus with 20x magnification and easy-to-use double lenses
ii : A MAGNIFIED VIEW OF 3-D OBJECTS: Kid-friendly Stereoscope features double lenses with 10x and 20x magnification, focus knob, stage with clips, and top light. Set also includes 12 rock samples for observation right out of the box!
iii : PERFECTLY PORTABLE SCIENTIFIC FUN: Battery powered, the Stereoscope is perfect for on-the-go exploration and discovery (requires 2AA batteries - not included)
iv : STEM LEARNING: Supports STEM learning by encouraging scientific exploration and discovery
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