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GeoStix Basic Set - 80 Construction Sticks - 24 Activity Cards - 2 Protractors

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  • GeoStix Basic Set - 80 Construction Sticks - 24 Activity Cards - 2 Protractors
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Connecting GeoStix™ allow students to delve into plane geometry. Great for hands-on activities such as perimeter, area, identification of shapes, spatial reasoning, similar triangles that share a side, parallel lines cut by a transversal, show examples of angle bisectors that form perpendicular angles to opposite sides and more. 82 piece set includes 2 protractors and GeoStix in 8 different lengths (1" to 6") and 24 double-sided activity cards.

Key Features :

i : A MIGHTY MATH RESOURCE -- Teach geometric concepts with the GeoStix Basic Set! Contents include: 80 straight sticks in 8 color-coded lengths, 2 transparent protractors and 24 double-sided activity cards. Sticks are marked in cm to show length.
ii : CONNECT TO GEOMETRY -- With multiple connection points, children can create a range of geometric shapes including triangles, squares, polygons and more. Use these geometry sticks to demonstrate parallel lines, bisectors and transversals, too!
iii : ANALYZE ANGLES -- The transparent protractors connect directly to the sticks to measure angles. Kids can use Activity Card #5 to learn how to use protractors and classify angles!
iv : 23 LESSONS INCLUDED -- Developed by a teacher, the double-sided Activity Cards include interactive lessons on angles, shapes, the Pythagorean Theorem and so much more! They are printed on durable card stock for years of lessons at home or school.
v : WRITE ON/WIPE OFF ACTIVITY CARDS -- The cards are laminated so your young mathematician can make notes as they complete activities. Just use a dry erase marker!
vi : IDEAL FOR GRADES 3+ -- The GeoStix Basic Set accommodates Common Core Standards so its a useful classroom or home school resource.
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