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Hagamos una granja

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  • Hagamos una granja
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Why are farms so important? Learn about the impact that farms have on food, the environment, and living creatures, as well as how to build one in the Spanish children's book Hagamos una granja. This children's science book takes students on an educational journey to learn about what is found on a farm and why they are so important to the lives of living creatures. The nonfiction book features a photo glossary, new vocabulary words, an extension activity, and meets NGSS life science standards. Rourke proudly publishes respectful and relevant nonfiction and fiction titles that represent our diverse readers and are designed to support reading on a level that has no limits!

Key Features :

i : Supports NGSS life science standards for beginning readers
ii : Activity helps reader further engage with book content
iii : Photo glossary to support vocabulary development
iv : 24 pages
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