Happy Paintbrush Die Cut Classroom Border, 12 Strips/36 Feet

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Kids will really enjoy the Hygloss Happy Paintbrushes classroom border lining their bulletin boards, windows or walls. These uplifting and colorful paintbrushes look happy and content as they add a decorative and charming feel to any youngsters classroom. Each pack includes 12 strips measuring 3" x 36", for a total of 36 feet of border.

Key Features :

i : Be Creative! With these colorful dye-cut Paintbrush Borders.
ii : These happy faces that come in 10 different colors will inspire children of all ages.
iii : Teach children how to learn their colors and well as decorate bulletin boards with these borders.
iv : The 3-D Wiggle Eye affect makes these beautiful Paintbrush Borders stick out!
v : Great to use in art class or "paint your way" to creativity in any of your classrooms.
vi : The rainbow colors will brighten up any room and put a smile on every child.
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